Private Pension Partners Real Estate LP and Private Pension Partners Real Estate 2025 LP (the “P3 Partnerships”) are limited partnerships created for the purpose of creating value through the acquisition, developing, re-developing, operating and ultimately divesting real estate.

The P3 Partnerships are managed by their general partners. Private Pension Partners Inc. and Private Pension Partners Developments Inc. are affiliates of the general partner and provide asset management services and (in certain cases) development and/or re-development services to the P3 Partnerships and the properties. The P3 Partnerships, their general partners and affiliated service providers are referred to herein collectively as the “P3 Entities” and individually as a “P3 Entity”).

The P3 Partnerships may require equity and/or debt capital from time to time in order to fund their real estate activities in accordance with their stated business objectives. Any capital raising activities conducted by the P3 Partnerships are occasional, are carried out for the sole purpose of funding actual real estate business opportunities and are incidental to their real estate business and activities.

The P3 Partnerships may raise equity and/or debt capital from time to time from accredited investors or other qualified investors in reliance on private placement exemptions from the prospectus requirement. Investors in the P3 Partnerships are required to become parties to the applicable limited partnership agreement, each of which provides for a targeted minimum ten (10) year term of the P3 Partnership at which time the P3 Partnership is required to take steps to liquidate the real property portfolio of the P3 Partnership in an orderly manner and distribute capital and profits to investors after payment of the debts and obligations of the P3 Partnership, unless otherwise directed by a special resolution of the limited partners.
The relationship between a P3 Partnership and its limited partners is strictly that of an issuer and investor. No P3 Entity is subject to any “know your client”, “suitability” or other obligations with respect to an investor in a P3 Partnership (except to the extent that a P3 Partnership is required to be satisfied that a particular investor qualifies as an “accredited investor” or otherwise qualified to purchase securities of the P3 Partnership under applicable private placement exemptions).

No P3 Entity or any director, officer, employee or consultant thereof:

(a) is in the business of trading or advising in securities;

(b) receives any commission or other fee in connection with capital raising activities of the P3 Partnerships;

(c) has been retained for the principal purpose of raising capital through distributions of securities of the P3 Partnerships, when required;

(d) spends the majority of his, her or its time raising capital for the P3 Partnerships; or

(e) is compensated or remunerated based on the amount of capital raised by the P3 Partnerships.

The general partners and their affiliated service providers provide real estate services directly to the P3 Partnerships and not to investors in the P3 Partnerships.

Potential investors in the P3 Partnerships should seek their own independent advice from their professional investment, financial, tax and legal advisors prior to investing.