Tom Toni Investment Analyst at P3

Tom Toni

Asset Manager, Investments

Tom graduated from the Asper School of Business in 2016 majoring in Finance and Marketing. During his university studies, Tom also worked for National Leasing as a Credit Analyst specializing in the commercial, construction, and transportation market segments allowing Tom to develop a solid foundation in analyzing the financial stability and overall health of corporate entities and their underlying assets. More recently, Tom worked as the Manager of Corporate Relations for a fast-growing Winnipeg startup technology company where he focused on developing and fostering relationships with commercial clients across 18 countries and exploring new business development opportunities.

As P3’s primary Investment Analyst, Tom is responsible for the financial modelling of commercial and multi-family real estate investment opportunities, assisting with property due diligence, conducting overall market research and tracking material developments, monitoring property-specific and corporate competition, drafting transaction related documentation, and assisting in general underwriting and valuation support in the broader investment markets in which P3 invests.

Tom Toni Investment Analyst at P3