We Reveal Meaning of Mysterious “?”

Private Pension Partners was mentioned in a recent Winnipeg Free Press article and revealed as the team behind the big question mark sign located on South Pembina Highway.

There were a lot of theories and questions around that sign, as you can imagine.  As stated in the article,

“The question mark was for the community to get excited about something. This is an important landmark for the community and we want to get it right,”

says Karl Loepp, COO of Private Pension Partners.

Karl Loepp revealed the company’s intention to develop the area and begin construction on two new residential towers; one 13-storey tower with 172 residential units and one 15-storey with 238 residential units, along with 15,000 square feet of ground floor commercial development space which could be used for businesses such as physician’s offices, a grocery store, local businesses and other service providers.

This is a dynamic project with a lot of moving parts, and we are pleased with the vision surrounding this project, as well as the feedback we’re receiving.  The local community has been very supportive. As Coun. Janice Lukes (Waverly West) stated in the same article, “Two towers have the ability to be very impactful. It’s a gateway to the City of Winnipeg.”  

We are working with Danny Serhal of Affinity Architecture as our lead architect. Other plans include balconies for every unit, a varying number of bedrooms, and the units will be between 600-1200 square feet. There are plans for underground parking, indoor and outdoor bicycle stalls, a rooftop dog run, gym, outdoor running track and much more.

Being part of the dynamic lifestyle in Winnipeg and bringing this project to life has been an exciting endeavor for all of us at Private Pension Partners. As our plans evolve we will be sharing updates with the people of Winnipeg and we invite you to contact us for more information.

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