Where a client has initiated a complaint with P3I (be it in writing or verbally), the employee receiving the complaint shall document all conversations with the client to the extent that the complaint was not received in writing.  The employee should request that the client further articulate their concerns in writing.  The employee shall, whether in receipt of a verbal or written complaint, provide all such information to the Chief Compliance Officer (“CCO”) via e-mail within 24 hours of receipt of the complaint.

The employee who initially received the complaint shall direct the client to P3I’s website, which includes a summary of the client’s rights in the event of a complaint.

Within 5 business days from receipt of a client complaint (whether in writing or verbal), the CCO sends a written acknowledgement of the complaint to the client. The written acknowledgement of the complaint will contain the following information:

  • The name, job title and full contact information of the individual at P3I handling the complaint;
  • A statement indicating that the complainant should contact the individual mentioned above if they would like to inquire about the status of the complaint;
  • A summary of P3I’s internal complaint handling process, including the anticipated timeline for providing a response to the complaint;
  • A request for any information reasonably required to investigate and potentially resolve the complaint; and
  • The CCO, with the compliance department, will investigate the complaint and determine whether to reject the complaint or make an offer to resolve the complaint.

If the client seeks less than $350,000 from the complaint and if the CCO does not provide the client with a determination regarding the complaint within 90 days of P3I’s receipt of the complaint, P3I must offer an independent dispute resolution or mediation service to the client at P3I’s expense to consider the complaint.

If the client seeks less than $350,000 from the complaint and once the CCO provides a determination to the client regarding the complaint, the client can also request within 180 days from that determination an independent dispute resolution or mediation service to consider the complaint at the expense of P3I.

For more information about P3I’s complaint handling process, please contact the Chief Compliance Officer whose information can be found below.

Ryan Toth, CPA
Chief Compliance Officer
C: 1 (204) 232-6330