A development-oriented limited partnership focused on delivering a single-asset luxury multi-family property located at 490 Shaftesbury Boulevard in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Construction start anticipated in 2024.

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Target IRR


Target Asset Class

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Investment Strategy

Feeder Two LP is a stand-alone development-focused limited partnership that owns 1.3 acres of fully entitled and shovel ready purpose built apartment lands located at 490 Shaftesbury Boulevard in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Located in Winnipeg’s most affluent neighborhood of Tuxedo, this highly attractive infill site is located along Shaftesbury Boulevard between the Canadian Mennonite University and Tuxedo Golf Course and enjoys excellent access to Assiniboine Park and the Assiniboine Forest walking and biking trails.

P3 targets a 15-20% annualized internal rate of return (IRR) on stabilized occupancy and upon disposition. New equity raised in P3 development limited partnerships will be used to advance and complete construction and stabilization of these projects.

Key Features of the Partnership

Investors of Feeder Two LP benefit from the following structural features:

  • Development & Capital Appreciation Oriented Investment Opportunity
  • Close-Ended Limited Partnership
  • Eligible for Accredited Investors
  • $50,000 Minimum Investment
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