P3 Hires Doug McKay as Senior Construction Manager

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The Executive Team at Private Pension Partners (“P3”) is pleased to announce our latest professional employee hired in our development group, Mr. Doug McKay. Doug brings over 30 years of experience in various areas of real estate including managing medium and large-scale development projects in the residential, commercial, and mixed-use market segments throughout central and western Canada. He has gained a wealth of knowledge while working within the full development cycle, from property acquisitions to project design, construction management, property operations results and process implementations that focus on precise inputs in order for project plans to produce efficient builds and drive long-term operations in a profitable manner.

As P3’s Senior Construction Manager, Doug is responsible for providing management assistance and coordination leadership on a wide variety of P3’s large scale development and re-development projects covering the full spectrum from initial land acquisition, project design, zoning, and permit approvals, to actual monitoring of construction and/or renovation activities in the P3 group.

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