P3 Realty Hires Theresa Macaraeg as Property Manager

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The Executive Team at Private Pension Partners (“P3”) is pleased to announce our newest professional hire in our property management group, Theresa Macaraeg. Theresa brings over 10 years of experience in the industry, offering the P3 group an extensive understanding of both the Manitoba and Alberta Residential Tenancies Acts. Prior to joining P3, Theresa was responsible for overseeing the management of 1,200 residential suites with another prominent Winnipeg based firm. She takes great pride in her work and understands the importance of providing quality service to all residents and what is required for the day-to-day operations of residential apartment complexes to run efficiently. During her career, she has also benefited from the opportunity to work closely with active developers learning how to maximize the efficiencies and opportunities of owning new residential apartment complex projects.

At P3 Realty, in a leadership role, Theresa is responsible for managing the daily property operations of certain Private Pension Partners Group of Companies’ multi-family assets.

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